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We recycle electronics for institutions, corporations large and small. Let us set up a recycling program for your company.

We take your data seriously ...... and then we destroy it

Hard drive destruction is the only way to ensure data security.

Responisble Recycling

Erecycler processes tens of thousands of pounds of metals monthly. We want to be your recycler.

Data Destruction

Personal computers hold a vast amount of data. A single gigabyte of disk space can hold as much as 8 file cabinet drawers full of documents. In just those 8 drawers who can remember if there is a page or two with identifying information?

Things We Recycle

If it plugs into a wall or contains a circuit board, odds are we recycle it. We process 100s of tons of materials each month reducing these items to base components. Sorting circuit board types, wire types and various metals for further recycling. It can take days to change punctuation.

What We Do

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Your Dallas Fort Worth Electronics Recycler

E-waste? Dispose of it properly with eRecycler. Is your company’s IT department upgrading and needing to recycle surplus materials? Do you have an old computer or printer in your garage you need to get rid of? Are you worried about sensitive information getting into the wrong hands? Then you’ve come to the right place! Erecycler LLC is a Dallas-based company that is the go-to solution for any business, organization, or community in need of electronics recycling, hard drive destruction, data destruction and asset tracking. Click on the link below to learn more about our services

Onsite Data Destruction

We will come to your location with our portable equipment and destroy your hard drives and record your serial numbers right in your offices. We can also degauss your back up tapes and pick up your computers for recycling while we are there.


Is Your Data Safe?

We offer flexible data security plans. All of our data security plans meet or exceed the standards of Nist, Ferpa, Hippa, Facta, Dod and Nsa for data destruction. All destruction includes use of our client portal to track your data destruction and certificates.

Computer and Electronics Recycling

We recycle electronics for small companies and national chains. We recycled my neighbors printer and over a million pounds of electronics for the city of Plano Texas. We want to be your electronics recycler.

Paper Shredding

We are now offering certified document shredding to our list of services. Various sized collection bins are available. Contact your erecycler rep or use the contact form below. Our goal is to improve your service while saving you time and money.


Happy Recyclers

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Our Client Portal provides a place for our clients to view their weight reports, asset tracking sheets, invoices and more. Book a pick up, send a message to your account manager or give us a suggestion on how we can improve your experience…all from your secure portal.

We have been recycling for the good people of North Texas for the past 19 years. Our clients are predominantly Texas based however, we do have many national clients as well. To all of our clients current and future thank you for recycling with us. We are a Texas owned and operated company and 99% of our scrap is processed here in Texas. We do ship products for reuse all over the country, all to individuals. Our recycling methods are unique and uncomplicated we disassemble and sort materials for future refinement. Our goal is a zero landfill policy.

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About Us

eRecycler, LLC is an electronics recycling and data destruction service provider. Our recycling services are unique in that we manually dismantle our recyclables and generate absolutely no waste or toxins when doing so.
At eRecycler we believe that reuse is the highest form of recycling


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