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We Recycle Harder

We know that the reuse of electronics is not always possible. So, the hundreds of tons of materials we process per year all go towards further material recovery. We believe that small changes can add up to big results. So, periodically, we re-analyze our material flow and try to be more efficient and recover more.


We are committed recyclers, motivated by the good we can do for the community and the environment. From our regular public events in Richardson, Frisco, Plano, Addison and Dallas to our Earth Day events and sustainability summits, we work to serve and educate our DFW community in support of electronics recycling.


We advocate sustainability through the responsible recycling of electronics and make it simple for our ecologically-conscious customers and clients to adopt a method of recycling that is better for the environment.

Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers and clientele through clear communication and a wide variety of flexible services. We will offer solutions to best fit your requirements. We are flexible in meeting the needs of our clients.

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eRecycler, LLC is an electronics recycling and data destruction service provider. We service the North Texas area, although we extend our reaches across state lines. Our recycling services are unique in that we manually dismantle our recyclables and generate absolutely no waste or toxins when doing so.

eRecycler  hard drive shredders will shred your hard drives to NIST standards at the rate of 1200 units per hour! At the client’s request, we may also bring one of our mobile hard drive puncher to crush the hard drives on-site at your location and then transport them to our facility to later be shredded.

All of Erecycler electronics recycling and data destruction services have the option of asset tracking that suits your asset management needs.

We are open to the public Monday thru Friday for any of our services. We also proudly serve businesses, corporations, municipalities, churches, schools, communities and individuals.

Bob Bruns

Bob Bruns

Founder Ceo & Ringmaster

Bob is a hands on leader, he can be found helping at our public events or out on the loading docks.

Lauren Bruns

Lauren Bruns

Sales Manager

Lauren quite literally grew up in the recycling business, she manages our offices and customer service staff. Contact Lauren with any customer service needs, she can be reached at 972-487-6800 Department 102.

Kioshie Fuentes

Kioshie Fuentes

Recycling and Destruction Coordinator

Kioshie has worked every job in the recycling department and has a very clear idea of the processes. He has been handling destruction projects for several key clients and is our go to man for data destruction. Kioshie can be reached at 972-487-6800 Department 103 Habla Espanol